From the East

Bro David,

Many thanks to you for all your kindnesses, especially with The Shereton, and also to all the Brethren of Alpha Lodge for the warmth of their welcome and hospitality. Please convey to them my thanks.

John Duncalf (Freeman of the City of London)
Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden of the Province of Yorkshire, West Riding,
United Grand Lodge of England 

Dear Brethren,


My feet having finally touched the ground again (2 lodge events and a carol service later!) after our return from New York, I would like to add my voice to the expressions of gratitude for the wonderful reception we have had in New York and New Jersey.  We were treated to a marvellous series of events both masonically and socially.  Especial thanks to Gene Hill, Steve Vitale, Piers Vaughan, Marco Henry, David Lindez and Jason Sheridan (and others whose names I do not have) for their contributions to the events and the superb hospitality afforded throughout our stay.


Brethren from the US, we look forward with eager anticipation to hosting a visit over this side of the pond - do please come over during the next year or so. 

Colleagues from QC, I really enjoyed your company and look forward to the reunion lunch which has been suggested before the QC meeting in May!  Trevor, congratulations on your excellent organisation of the visit from this side of the pond.


Sincerely and Fraternally


John Wade 

Dear Bro David,


We have a saying in England " that A Brother in need being helped by another is a Brother indeed", if that makes sense to you.


Or in practical terms, " I owe you a drink in gratitude", until next we meet in Brotherhood and Friendship.


Thank you for the opportunity to visit, speak and partake in the great history and welcoming spirit of Alpha Lodge.  It shall never be forgotten, and it reigned above all formalities.


Sincerely and Fraternally




Lord Cannock 




Dear Br. David,


Please let the brethren of Alpha Lodge know how thankful we are for the opportunity to come as QC Lodge and share in your splendid history.  I shall reciprocate when you come across to Scotland and England in 2009 with many a private tour and illuminated MS.  You are a real jewel, and that night at your lodge is one of the most memorable in all of my life.


Yours aye,