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"But to deny to black men the privileges of Masonry, is to deny to a child the lineage of its own parentage. From whence sprung Masonry but from Ethiopia, Egypt, and Assyria, all settled and peopled by the children of Ham?  Does any one doubt the wisdom of Ethiopia? I have but to reply that in the days of King Solomon's renown and splendor she was capable of sending her daughters to prove him with hard questions. If this be true, what must been her sons!"

A treatise delivered before the St. Cyprian Lodge, No. 13
June 24th, A.D. 1853, A.L.5853
by M. R. Delany, K., M., D.D.G.H.P


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If you come through the portal of Alpha Lodge, be prepared to be inundated with substance, both academic and spiritual.  There are no short talks.  There is no dress up.  This is the real thing.  It is serious, yet benevolent.  It either resonates with you, or you let the stream carry you on.  The inner work of a Mason is hard work.  We don't round corners.  Alpha Lodge is a special lodge known all over the world in every country and obedience.  Just recently we were visited by Lord Cannock and QC Lodge from the United Grand Lodge of England, a Provincial Grand Master from Scotland, Prestonian Scholar Trevor Stewart, numerous Professors from the Sheffield University, the Official Court Jeweler to the King of Spain, the Grand Commander of the Military & Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus, and Grand Priors from around the world...all on one night for one meeting.  This is the norm at this special lodge, founded by the Cushites amidst adversity, with noble intentions of learned men.  From James Baxter to James Bynoe (Chemist to HRH the Emperor Hallie Sellasie) to Judges, writers, actors and professional athletes.  Alpha Lodge No. 116 is a special lodge.  

Peter the Great, the Czar of Russia wrote in his diaries during the early 1700’s of how he had encountered a Masonic Society of tradesmen and philosophers in Germany.  He imported these men along with Scottish and Englishmen who had moved into the Russian countryside.  His reason for bringing these gentlemen into Russia with the lure of a noble bounty?  Well, he states it as the need for not only physical engineering of stately structures, but for the establishment of both a military and an enlightened atmosphere of intellect and sciences.  He was not the first nor the last ruler of a country to do so.  Freemasonry has cultivated every country on this planet in one way or another.  

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